Zacharia Lorenz director headshot


Hey there! Full name’s Zacharia (zak-uh-rye-uh) but you can just call me Zach. I’m a TV commercial director, editor & drone pilot based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam but you’ll likely find me working anywhere in the US or Asia. Days on the road are where I thrive.

I’m originally a desert rat from the dusty Sonoran valley of Tucson, Arizona. My career as a director took off in 2015, when I made an exciting—albeit, kinda scary—leap by relocating to Shenzhen, China. There, I joined DJI’s in-house creative studio as a full-time director, spearheading flagship campaigns like the Mavic 2. Since then, I’ve been humbled to collaborate with leading global brands, such as CNN, Samsung, Coca Cola, JW Marriott & The North Face.

I’ve explored a variety of different formats but my passion lies in commercials & branded documentaries that unveil the human experience behind cutting-edge tech industries. My experience abroad has given me a unique opportunity to help Asian brands produce content that resonates with Western audiences.

Aside from freelance work, I’m also a co-founder of Vantage Pictures, a global video production agency with offices in the US, Hong Kong & Vietnam.

Brands I Work With